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Artistic Motion Dance Academy

Dance from the Heart to Create the Art

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In addition to quality dance classes, AMDA also offers the opportunity for technical growth and performance experience through our recreational performance teams, as well as our multiple award-winning and nationally recognized competitive companies & hip hop crews.


For dancers interested in performing in the community, in a non-competitive context, AMDA offers three recreational performance teams:

Diamond Motionettes, Ruby Motionettes, & Sapphire Motionettes. Our Motionette teams represent the spirit and mission of AMDA...

to connect our community through the art of dance, and to bring joy and entertainment to people of ALL ages! Our Motionette teams are

age-based (Diamonds 5+, Rubies 8+, Sapphires 12+) and are open to ANY dancer, with ANY dance experience.


For dancers interested in performing in the competitive dance scene, AMDA offers several competitive companies and hip hop crews: 

Junior Hip Hop Crew, Senior Hip Hop Crew, Mini Elite, Junior Elite, Elite, Elite Accelerated, Motion Apprentice, & Motion Company.


As part of the AMDA competitive company & crew, dancers train extensively in numerous technique classes, participate in 2-3 workshops

& conventions per year, perform at 3-5 community events per year, and compete in 6-8 elite dance competitions throughout the state,

country, and at the national level, each year.


Through the competitive experience, dancers will learn a variety of dance styles and choreography at a more rigorous level. They will not only improve their physical dance practice and capabilities, but their intellectual understanding of dance as well. Company & crew dancers will gain

invaluable knowledge regarding performance process, professionalism, dance criticism, and various styles of choreography.


In addition to dance and performance experience, the AMDA competitive companies & crews also help build dancers’ self-esteem,

encourage self-discipline, develop character, and promote responsibility and accountability.


Artistic Director, Angela McGarity, and Assistant Director, Whitney Coleman Talbot, direct the AMDA companies & crews with a healthy approach to dance performance and competitions. We instill our performers with a driven, confident, and positive attitude towards dance, all the while accentuating the importance of building and developing a healthy dancer lifestyle, practice, and technique.


Dancers are required to audition for company & hip hop crew and, upon acceptance, are placed on a company and/or hip hop crew based on technique, skill, and experience level. Ages of company and crew members range from 5 to 18 years old. Auditions take place in May, each year.


Being an AMDA team member requires strong commitment, hard work, dedication, dependability, ambition, & a passion for dance. At AMDA, we encourage & motivate our team & company dancers to advance as individuals, as well as team members & dance peers in the studio.


Please email or call us for more information :) Our studio is always open to new dancers looking to join our performance or competitive teams!

"Mrs. Angela is the owner of AMDA, and she manages the Academy with integrity. She is always involved with her teachers, communication with parents, choreography, teaching, and community activities."


"Mrs. Angela's positive attitude and passion for dance is what makes Artistic Motion Dance Academy stand high above the rest!"

- Amy B.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our companies, crews, & teams!




Represent the Artistry of AMDA

AMDA Competitive Companies, Hip Hop Crews, & Recreational Performance Teams

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